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Finally Enough Love: 50 Number Ones

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7 hours ago, steady75 said:

Nile is a legend but he’s no stranger to his own hype. I think it’s part of his manifestation process which you can’t knock but he’s definitely pinch of salt material for my money. 

He is past his prime I suppose. But he produced many many iconic records in the 80’s. He has every right to hype himself up.

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2 hours ago, HC Charge said:

Where are all insiders this time? We need at least a tiny info of what's happening next. 

I heard from an inside source that as many as 50 remixes will be available in a week and a half. The provisional date is August 19th, but it's subject to change, so don't attack me if it's not exact.

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35 minutes ago, MattyMads said:

747C755D-69A6-48ED-8488-2621509BF1C9.thumb.jpeg.2ee2f4f1c54645a7ec740019afa974fb.jpegDoes anyone know what this is with Rusty Egan? Does it mean we won’t be getting the Everybody UK edit? 😭

He's likely responding to the superior YCD mix edit of Everybody chosen over his UK remix for the album lol

Warner has all his remixes - he just needs to be patient 

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