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Finally Enough Love: 50 Number Ones

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11 hours ago, Fabiolous said:

Ok I have a question for all of you online shopping magicians. 

I have ordered the 6LP and the black vinyl from the official store, but now I'm regretting it because the red vinyl looks better. Is it possible to cancel just one item from my Madonna.com order? I can't find the option to cancel anything st all. 

Also, is the red vinyl still available anywhere anyway? 

I did the same and I cancelled the order and got the silver in Amazon. I cancelled the 6 vinyls too because I've got them in Dig (hoping that will save me customs charges) but it was cheaper in dollars.

Anyway, they got back to me within hours and gave me a refund and cancelled it without any issues.

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2 hours ago, FallingInLove said:

I really does!

I would have preferred if this photo was used for the standard edition. In the same style, with large pixels etc. Maybe someone can create a cover with this picture plus the cool sticker etc.???



Hum, I think this would be cool for maybe a follow up ballads album!? 👌🏼

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So far.....  

I have purchased:

Finally Enough Love (50) vinyl

Finally Enough Love (50) cd

Finally Enough Love (50) digital

Finally Enough Love (16) silver vinyl 

Finally Enough Love (16) cd


I am luving on the Queen and this collection!  

Is there a version where she tazes you and pepper sprays your face with patchouli pepper spray?

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2 minutes ago, Jet said:

I wonder if it will be followed up with the guest list edition featuring the rumoured collaborations

I think that would be a great collection to drop next year. New mixes of her hits with collabs of current artists. She’s a versatile queen and something like that would show her power in the music industry to pull in young artists known and lesser known. Similar to what Lady Gaga did with Chromatica. 

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1 minute ago, Blue Jean said:

True but it seems hard to believe they’ve sold 6000. Perhaps more will pop up on other stores when it’s released?

I think it’s likely they sold most of them. We’re lucky it took this long. If the announcement was planned better they could have sold out in hours.
sometimes they have some leftover stock that was not listed or cancellations and they put up a very limited batch later.

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20 minutes ago, nito84bcn said:

Am I the only one that is happy that Impressive Instant FINALLY has a chance as a commercial remix and recognised on a compilaton? 😱👀

It's what she deserves. That song is a gem in her discography and I'm happy it's finally getting some recognition :heart:

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