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MEGARATE: Like a Prayer era [Results Show - Recap on first page]


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Done ! 

the key album for me. Express Yourself broadcast every night in 89 in the summer while I was on vacation at a campsite in the south of France, I was 12 and this song was for me the coolest thing I had ever heard. I kinda missed out on Like a Prayer... and it's vogue that then made me a mega fan of Madonna until death do us part and the Blond Ambition tour on TV in the next summer. Like a Prayer is the Madonna album that resembles me the most: both joyful and sad, optimistic and dark. I like his Eleonor Rigby era beatles side on Dear Jessie, the bitterness of till death do us part, the purity and beauty of Promice to try and Oh Father, the youthful freshness of Cherich ... and then with hindsight this album takes me back to the beginning of the AIDS years, the gravity after the lightness of the 80s, the end of an era the end of my childhood with the excitement of the future but also the fear, the feeling of being different that not everything will be easy and at the same time excitement and the desire to grow up quickly... and then Madonna who brings sunshine light desire for a great life like hers, desire for freedom, it is enough to look at her to listen to her and everything can become possible ... and then she is devilishly beautiful ... I am in college I am not popular ... I know it will be better tomorrow it is written somewhere on this disc and I touch with my finger a truth my truth


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