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MEGARATE: Like a Prayer era [Results Show - Recap on first page]


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The thing is, so many tracks are high quality songs and all deserve a 10 in terms of music and lyrics: TDDUP, Spanish eyes, Promise to try, Oh father, Keep it together.

The first two singles are obviously some of M greatest songs.

Cherish, imo, is a little weaker.

Apart from my personal love for Supernatural and its original lyrics, I am happy to see that Love song is felt by many as the worst track of the album (except Act of contrition, which is almost an extra). LAP is my favourite album, but I skip LS.

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On 2/6/2022 at 10:11 PM, Curtains said:

Thanks a lot again to everyone who participated. As usual, this was great to organize. The I'm Breathless era megarate will start tomorrow! :)

You'll have to wait a bit more for the Blond Ambition Tour remaster, but I still have something to thank you all! :)



THXXXXXXX, great gift!!!!??? up to I'm Breathless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hello guys,

I have a question concerning the mega rare UK Like a Prayer promo box. Do any of you guys know if there is one or two badges in the box ? Looking at some pictures in the internet is confusing cause some pictures show 1 badge while others show 2 badges.

Thanks very much.


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