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Oxana sues Madonna and Madonna responds


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I haven't had any encounters with her but one of my good friends who has gone to most of M's tours told me about her and the run in's she had with fans, the scamming, printing alleged fake tickets, pushing fans and following M around. Not sure which RHT tours she went to as I had Texas dates but wouldn't be surprised if she went there or MDNA. 

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I forgot about this thread, some so called reciepts Oxana posted on her facebook on march 29th 2022




''they didn’t want them to be at Art Basel event. Guy Oseary canceled the table for $150k that Henriques bought to be at this event. He canceled it without even letting him know.''

''if you’d be on my side , you would feel different. Henriques paid for the table for 150k for 10 people to be at this event. Later he invited me at the seat and I paid him 10k. Raising Malawi gave tax write off letter where they acknowledged my payment. I didn’t pay them a penny directly, but they didn’t ignore me. That’s why I decided to pay for the Trip to Peru. It was exactly the same type of transaction, the same RM, the same Madonna, the same Henriques. But this time apparently I’m nobody to RM ( that’s how RM thinks ''

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Well, first of all... That bitch is a full time sicko person... Apparently she needs some serious help.

Secondly, this is what happened when you spend your dirty laundry money on such stuff / events... Stupidity of it's high. She thinks M really care about her or even remembers her? Lol... Please... These kinds of human beings deserves to lose their entire fortune.

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On 2/24/2022 at 2:28 PM, Brendanlovesu1 said:

I remember during one of the beer bitch speeches for the Madame X Tour posted on M's IG, she and her friend tried to get close to m and security yanked them both away immediately, it was glorious

can anyone find this video and share it here, I need a good laugh today

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On 12/7/2022 at 7:13 AM, alvaroliam said:

Since she naver came here before, I was really looking forward for that trip. 😂

Perhaps thanks to the 2023 tour, Madonna will finally visit Peru, a country she has wanted to travel to for years (2012) but for some reason has not done so until then. And not only Peru but other countries in the region such as Venezuela, Cuba, Ecuador, Panama, etc., where I am sure they would receive her like a Queen and her concerts would be a total success. It is that it is about Madonna who represents perfection and is a character that although many try to imitate they will always be reductive copies since she is the best and always will be.


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On 12/6/2022 at 9:34 PM, Shoful said:

“How stupid I was to be her fan” :Madonna009:

Chile you weren’t just a fan you spent like thousands upon thousands of dollars following her on tour

She's basically a stalker. I have no doubt that everything she's doing is STILL to get Madonna's attention. The movie, the law suit, the selling of items making sure to tag M and Guy O, the crazy clapping in the red dress. 

Madonna probably cancelled when she found out it was HER going on the trip. 

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