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Would You Join A Discord?  

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I run a Discord for my movie/music friends but have only had one for about two months. Usually you send out invites which are temporary (have to be claimed during a short time or they expire) then you can send out some new ones. You can have members as mods similar to a forum and make sections etc. People can server boost your server to allow things like customization, perks etc. Making emojis etc. It's been fun, the only thing is sometimes it can be a bit confusing but as an alternative for the forum.

This is an example: (mine)

Screenshot 2022-03-02 7.28.15 PM.png

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31 minutes ago, Shoful said:

Since it appears the forum is closing, if we aren’t able to keep it open would everyone be down to join a discord?

Just trying to think of ideas to keep this amazing community going! Please list any suggestions if you have them!

You wanna join and make some posts so we can figure it out?


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I don't even know what it is or how it works. I tried to register a nickname on that link https://discord.gg/Smd8S9fuwm @Royposted and it made me confirm 1st my email and then it said there was another problem and it wanted me to confirm again with my phone number, which i didn't. I don't know, but i want this Family running :-( T_T

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