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FORUM Not closing


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13 hours ago, Jackie said:


I am happy to confirm pending me getting the transfer right that the forum will continue on and I will be taking over.

The community on here is important that we continue it - we may not always agree and we often have diverse opinions but that's makes life rich and being a fan so important - it's those views and having a space to discuss amongst ourselves is so important.

As is sharing amazing M moments, videos, audios, pictures and other things.

So, I'm gonna give it a crack and hope I don't fuck it up as Ru Paul often says lol


I'm literally crying, big stinking tears.


Thank you, thank you, thank you!


More than a forum, it's a home. :heart:

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Had a feeling this announcement was imminent... :)

Couldn't be happier this community is going to continue! Sure, we have our differences and discussions can become quite the debate sometimes, but this is such a special place for Madonna fans, and there's so much yet to look forward to in her career.

Thank you, @Fighter, for figuring this out, and best of luck with your health endeavors!

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