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Madonna onstage with Maluma in Medellín April 30

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1 minute ago, Robertthenurse said:

Mom needs to rehearse more. Don't forget, your on a fkn stage. You fuck up once, it fucks you up. Shows she human. It was bad tho. I feel for her. Ppl gon come for her like she some animal. I'm happy she still doing it lol


this isn't the usa. Most twitter comments are positive actually.

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Well if i have one positive thing to say it's that Medellin with a live band sounds great.

As for the rest, it was very sad to see. Medellin was okay, the autotune, arrangement and passable dance moves saved it, but Music was probably one of, if not THE, worst performance of her career. She looked so tired and out of breath that at some point i seriously thought she was going to pass out. The styling was a choice, and she even missed cues.

Deep down I truly hope she is okay cause it seems to me that something is wrong with her lately. I'll always love her but THAT wasn't a good performance and she didn't really seem to enjoy it either.

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