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MEGARATE: Music era [Results Show - Recap on first page]

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62 users participated, the largest number after Ray of Light. Thank you for the support you're giving to these games as always! The results will be revealed tomorrow, on May 19th, at 3pm EST / 9pm CET. Hope lots of you will be there to interract! @mirtillo, @Roy, @Andreo, @Levon, @musicinferno, @Drum Dub, @MadonnasPussy, @geert, @EgoRod, @mrmadonna, @MattyMads, @Unruhe, @sidney78a, @Karma, @Jet, @Leandro Gomes, @desperateK, @drunkby6, @SuperBicycle, @Holger, @Enrico, @Danton, @Inco


Hi everyone ! Since we'll soon be celebrating the 40th anniversary of Madonna's career (!!), and due to popular demand, I'll organize a megarate for every single Madonna album. Let's now see how the tracks from the Music era compete with each other. As requested by most users who participated in other games, non-album tracks from the corresponding era will also be included.   Rules: - Make sure to know all the songs included in the competition. - Rate each song fro


@mirtillo, @Roy, @Andreo, @Levon, @musicinferno, @Drum Dub, @MadonnasPussy, @geert, @EgoRod, @mrmadonna, @MattyMads, @Unruhe, @sidney78a, @Karma, @Jet, @Leandro Gomes, @desperateK, @drunkby6, @SuperBicycle, @Holger, @Enrico, @Danton, @Inco, @Nowheretohide, @zephyr in the sky at night, @Tony Fortin, @PlayPause, @migsou, @MDNA22, @chipie, @Bohh, @Fernando, @stefo, @alfi1973, @konfideinmenow, @Sven, @androiduser, @frozen78, @proxy, @mikenmark, @chaosmen1984mk, @Polaris, @panosgk, @PanditaRulez, @gs

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Apparently Bored with the spirituality that she showed during the Ray of Light era, which she had already exploited enough and the novelty that it generated among her fans had passed (personally I was already tired of that image) and the press, Madonna decides to launch a new disc where she seeks to return to that image of diva and Queen of the dance floors. She herself would admit it in an interview where she says that she felt trapped by the monotony (of spiritual life I suppose) and felt like an animal desperate to escape from its cage (Wikipedia), and what better way to show it than going out with her friends and ending up in a strip club (as seen in the Music video).

Music (the song) is the perfect example of how a song can reach number one: simple lyrics, innovative sounds and catchy rhythm in addition to its short duration, a formula that so far she has not managed to replicate (Candy Shop is the only one I feel which resembles Music in structure but sadly she didn't release it as a single). Too bad the rest of the songs on the album don't look anything like Music, but they're not bad for that. In addition, this album was the beginning of a productive relationship between the producer Mirwais and Madonna, who have already given us 3 albums and have fulfilled the expectations of most fans.

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Just listened to it in full on very good headphones (FYI, I had to rip my CD on an old mac and put it on a USB stick, then import on my Itunes, I'm not listening to MP3's or streaming masters lol) But damn this album aged well, songs that I used to hate (RL and A) now seem quite ok filler tracks. The real surprise to me was WIFLFAG, I remember I liked it when it came out but found it a bit long and repetitive but on headphones the production is so lush and diverse. This is also one of the Mark 'Spike" Stent albums that will go down as the most exquisitly mixed and mastered.

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