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MEGARATE: Music era [Vote before 18/05]

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Music is a masterpiece. I think it gets unfairly overlooked for being sandwiched between her most acclaimed (ROL) and her most controversial (AL) but it was critical and commercial smash in its own right, on top of being a visually cohesive campaign. I love the hessian album covers 🙂.


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9 hours ago, Andreo said:

This album should have included Run and Liquid Love. Can't argue about that, you know it's the truth. Oh well, we can't complain tho, we will get them in the deluxe reissue anyways 🤭 so happy about that 

And when that will happen I'll be the first one sending my votes for the Music Megarate: The Re-up

Period Reaction GIF by MOODMAN

They'll probably be included in the Unreleased Songs megarate either way :)

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