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MEGARATE: Music era [Vote before 18/05]

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About Cyberraga, I have always had the doubt of which is the original version and I am referring specifically to the final part of the song, to the last seconds. I have downloaded it several times from different pages and it lasts 5 minutes and 35 seconds (I even downloaded it from this forum and it also has that duration) but the ending sounds half altered, as if the volume had been turned up at the last moment and it is especially noticeable when You listen to it with headphones.

Until I downloaded it again I don't remember on which page and this time the duration was 5 minutes and 30 and this time the ending of the song was different but now it did sound clean and without distortion. In fact, in Wikipedia they mention that the song lasts 5 minutes and 31 seconds, so I don't know if this version so popular on the Internet of 5 minutes and 35 seconds is legitimate. I leave 2 Youtube videos with the song and different ending, I would like to know to those who have the record or vinyl which is the original song.


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