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Madonna found out her Twitter password

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  • feehgarcia changed the title to Madonna found out her Twitter password

I'm ready for another feud between her and the Vatican. Last time it was epic.

I know she'll bring chaos in the 'peaceful' world of Twitter. Fasten your seatbelts, folks, it will be a bumpy flight. 

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10 hours ago, feehgarcia said:

If she serves amazing tweets like Cher does...
But I guess Guy will reset that password and block her access in a few weeks LOL

This plus the Maluma performance are officially the opening of the new era of Madonna: Crazy Bette Davis years. And I'm here for it!! 

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22 hours ago, Andreo said:

She can now snap back everytime another living failure tries to make fun of her like 50 cents did some time ago, and I love it. Drag those hoes mama

And Nelly, his comments were even more hilarious because they came right before he posted his cock getting sucked on Instagram. Irrelevant trash rappers trying to get 5 minutes of attention at Madonna's expense.

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