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Madonna quoeted in Todrick Hall´s new single "Pre-Madonna"

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Hello, guys. I´m from Brazil, my English is good but language is much more than words. 

Sometimes we need more context to understand some ironies, double meanings etc.

The queer singer Todrick Hall just dropped his new single "Pre-Madonna" and I´m dying to know how you - native speakers of English - think about it. 

Was it a simple quote? A tribute,  mockery, a bit of both? 


Here are some excerpts from the lyrics. 

The girls were vogueing pre-madonna
With the boom box
And the pop lip
Big hair with a little bit of crip crip

The girls were vogueing pre-madonna
Fuck the sweatband
Let it drip drip
And they don't shablam
'Cause they dip dip

Somebody tell her
I am that bitch, bitch
Somebody jealous
Sold out my world tour
It's rainin' fellas
I'm gay beyoncé
This is gaychella


The full video here:

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35 minutes ago, Pootz333 said:


This is the same person that filmed himself fucking with and making fun of a homeless person just trying to sleep.

The LGBTPTSDLMNOP community have a lot of explaining to do for the people they're made famous for the last decade. 

John Benitez is a horrible person.
Look where it got him.

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25 minutes ago, RayofPrayers said:

No. The 'girls' were not vogueing 'pre-madonna', only a small percentage of american gay boys were if we're being honest. Also, Todrick Hall? the same person who filmed himself fucking with a homeless man and later making fun of him? People like him are a waste of oxygen.

I'm sorry but HE DID WHAT NOW?


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12 hours ago, Vasili said:

This music is RuPaul-level cheese.

It's not music in any form.
I liked some of his records.
Drag queens reading children stories in school is a big deal to some Yanks though.
They snigger at a homeless person in a laudrette.
Not exactly CNN material.
W h y bring this crap up at all ?

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4 hours ago, GregVsMatt said:

Isn't he problematic or abusive or something? I remember seeing something 

so was Harvey Weinstein and yet Madonna was friends with him when he was supporting her movie career. Then we were justifying her by saying "she didn't know", and then when she said she knew, we flipped the story around

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