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Frozen On Fire 🔥

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I'm not sure why some people are shocked there is more than one remix to the project???

Any other remix single, there have been multiple remixes and in most cases a lot more than 3.

Its just she has given them a staggered release rather than dropping the whole thing at once and made videos for each.

Which we whinge we don't get enough videos. Sheesh

Mariah fans are luving her on the Big energy remix and would kill for her to do a video.  We get 2 and there is still whinging.  I'm looking forward to the third one in the trilogy.

Where the party!!!! I want to free my soul ha.

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Y’all complain when she doesn’t Milk her singles and now when she does y’all complain about how she keeps releasing remixes, maybe you guys don’t like it but the people do! It’s the most streamed song everyday and about to go Gold. I also think we are getting new vocals this time since it’s the last remix!! 




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9 minutes ago, musicinferno said:

This is what she does. Instead of making new music. Instead of starting production on the biopic. Instead of actually promoting Finally Enough Love. Yet another Frozen remix that no one asked for. 

Who said she’s not working on new music?? Also she can’t control the film it’s not her production! Maybe they already started who knows 

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6 hours ago, Hydrangeas Up Your Ass said:

Let's all take a moment to listen to the superior remix/reimagining of Frozen:



I will never understand how he hasn't been asked to at least do official remixes for her.  I've listened to his mix of IDSIF more than anything else from the MX era. His "Erotica" mix is incredible too. 

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