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Frozen On Fire 🔥

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Frozen on Fire: Madonna vs Sickick EP on ICE blue vinyl exclusive

TIK Side

  1. Frozen (Featuring Fireboy DML)
  2. Frozen (Featuring 070 Shake)
  3. Frozen on Fire (Madonna vs Sickick)
  4. Frozen on Fire (Madonna's Version)

TOK Side

  1. Frozen (Featuring Swae Lee & Jozzy)
  2. Frozen (DRILL Remix)
  3. Frozen on Molly (Honey Dijon Mix)


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8 minutes ago, Curtains said:

Just noticed that Sickick's original version, despite being almost completely the same, didn't had the "i'm poppin' molly" line, instead going with "i keep on falling". That new molly lyric seems unnecessary to me. I wonder what was the reason behind the change.


Make it sound less classy maybe? :Madonna006:

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On 5/16/2022 at 11:15 PM, Ali Khafaji said:

Y’all complain when she doesn’t Milk her singles and now when she does y’all complain about how she keeps releasing remixes, maybe you guys don’t like it but the people do! It’s the most streamed song everyday and about to go Gold. I also think we are getting new vocals this time since it’s the last remix!! 




It's one thing to milk it if it's good and interesting. Another thing when 3 mixes sound the same and redundant with 2 lines of her on repeat. Warbled out of recognition.

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This video version is what I was making as a video, with her solo parts from the "remixes"...

I think it still will be better without Sickdick, but at least the video is watchable, 

it contains new vocals from MADONNA (ok very few, but NEW)

If we hadn't watch the previous two ones, we would have enjoyed this more,

but this is definetely something I will be watching!

The other two...I'll take that as a work in progress...


And since this is called "FROZEN ON FIRE" I hope it gets to number one,

as if it was a new single.



This way, yes MADONNA!

( I know she reads us sometimes)

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