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Frozen On Fire 🔥

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1 hour ago, wonderboy said:

is it just me or is the new vocal WAY louder than the sampled vocals from the original? doesnt match up at all

I think that the main intention is to use the 98 vocals as a back sampler, and the new vocals are louder, because they are part of the current song. I don't know if I explained it well at all haha, but that was my thought listenning to it 

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16 minutes ago, Roland Barthes said:

That's for a Magnum commercial ? Are you telling me the reason why Kylie is right now at the Cannes Film festival is for a Magnum commercial ? And her fans dare to mock Madonna ?

Yes, & it’s surprisingly veryyyy catchy & way better than any of the SICKMICKBICK ICE FROZEN mini singles! 🙂

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