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Madonna to Perform at Pride 2022

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1 minute ago, deathproof said:

You in line baby? Can I be your +1? I’ll let you fuck me. Or I can fuck you (preferably).

just go to the venue OMG if

i was in NYC i would just go to see that sign lmao omgggg. going to bed 🛏 goes in the kitchen and makes a drink... i will stay up for .... 2 more hours . to get the 17 track in my itunes

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Just now, Roy said:

I'm willing to be that it may be a livestream moment or we'll just rely on IG stories of those who are there.


hey roy!!! miss you from the brief discord days.i will think of

you if i pull oneb4 work tomorw.

i am so excited tonight i can't sleep for a few


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3 minutes ago, TonyMontana said:

Ok so she has about 6-7 hours to drink 3 bottles and be wasted for the show 😂😂😂 True Blue Flirt GIF by Madonna

I did a variety show a few years ago and everybody was so casual and having beverages before going on stage. So I had a few wines. I tell you, I’ve never in my life had such bad anxiety…. Could never do it again. 

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