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MEGARATE: Confessions on a Dance Floor era [Results Show - Recap on first page]

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A classic album and a very exciting era.

My memories of being front row at the confessions tour here in Amsterdam and having a brief exchange with her during the flag speech will be forever a treasure.

That tour was so incredible to witness live...

I also remember vividly waiting to watch the MTV awards...and the moment it started! What a rush! 

Curious how many 0's "hey you" will get :lol:

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As well as my favourite M song being on this album, Confessions Tour was my first Madonna concert (now up to 6) and second concert of any artist.

I wish I could remember more of the experience, but I was such an excited 12 year old that it's mostly a blur now... I just remember that I couldn't keep up with the jumping throughout Ray of Light :seeno:

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I know I should vote, but I just can't get myself to listen to this record. Funny really because it's not even that bad, it's just the first time I was underwhelmed with a Madonna record and ended up skipping through it mostly and not listening to it again for days. It has grown on me a little bit, but it's all a bit too Kylie for me, you know, everything you think you want but then when you get it it leaves you totally unsatisfied and bored lol

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Ah, this is one of my favorite eras! The looks, the sounds, the tour,  Coachella, KOKO Club, Cloud Campos, horseback riding with Letterman, my first time going to gay clubs and meeting other gay people, hell, didn’t she even do a promotional thing on MySpace or something where she released little audio confessions about herself 😂 I ate it all up!

Can’t wait for the results 🪩

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