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What’s your fav Madonna hairstyle

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The Bad Girl music video hairstyle will remain to be my top-tier hairstyle. There's something so beautiful about it that just attracts my eyes to it. She even brought the whole look on some interviews too.

bad girl madonna GIF

Another one is from the Fever music video where she sings the 3rd verse.

mad make it rain GIF

Another is when Madonna performed in Birmingham for the Rebel Heart Tour. The straight, wavy blond hair was so beautiful and I know we weren't expecting it to happen.


Madonna's short boycut hair in Rain and I'll Remember will always shake my core too.

madonna GIF

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In her younger years, Desperately Seeking Susan or The Virgin Tour first few shows before she cut the bangs.



In her more recent years, I'd say the 2012 Truth or Dare perfume promotion launch appearance. Her hair literally looked like a Pantene commercial.





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