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MEGARATE: Hard Candy era [Results Show - Recap on first page]

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16 hours ago, Enrico said:

Interesting. At the end ballads win over dance tracks. Finally enough ballads!

It would be so nice to submit these megarate to Madonna herself and see Candy Shop regain positions :lol:

This time I didn't give any 11, but Spanish lesson really deserved a 0 - is it one of the lowest scores @Curtains

I think It's so cool would have charted better if we had ranked the original demo version.

From what I remember, Santa Baby is still the lowest rated track ever, with Freedom and Hey You being close behind.

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On 7/9/2022 at 5:27 PM, Curtains said:

#2 – Celebration


- Average Rate : 8,41 / 10

- Highest Rate : 11 ( @MadonnaLove )

- Lowest Rate : 5 ( @EgoRod, @Holger, @desperateK )




#1 – Devil Wouldn’t Recognize You


- Average Rate : 8,44 / 10

- Highest Rate : 11 ( @Jet, @Inco )

- Lowest Rate : 3 ( @desperateK )

Yes, DWRY should've been released as a single, a hit for sure. Poetic, introspective, beautifully sung, a lot better than Miles Away.

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