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Did we ever find out what "Sorry (Bill Hamel Mix)" is?

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A clearly professional made remix showed up online around 2005 as Sorry (Bill Hamel Mix). As it sounds like a commissioned mix, some people believed it was actually a Bill Hammel mix, while others argued that it is not his style and he did not remix it. 

Do we have any other info on this (pretty good) mix?


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Always loved this mix. 

There are different assumptions about it. Some people say it’s an alternate PSB mix (which I doubt). Others say it was made by the guys from Blow Up, who had previously remixed Love Profusion (official) and Hollywood (unreleased).

Maybe someone has another theory...

But we might never know the truth... 🤷🏻‍♂️

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  • Neon Fever Dream changed the title to Did we ever find out what "Sorry (Bill Hamel Mix)" is?

In their soundcloud bio, Blow-Up claim to have remixed Sorry, but nobody ever heard it... 🤔


Arguably the most powerful of Blow-­‐Up’s admirers is Madonna. Blow-­‐Up remixes of “Love Profusion”, "Hollywood" & "Sorry" all hit number one on the Billboard charts and just completed is a mix for "Give It 2 Me" from her LP "Hard Candy." 


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