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The price of the fame

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They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, but coming from a tabloid, it would be prudent not to jump to conclusions. However, the eloquence of the images leaves us doubting and asking ourselves: What really happened one morning in June 1988, day in which Madonna was supposedly involved in an incident with some fans and a paparazzi that to this day has not been clarified and that, if proven true, would be one of the most extreme episodes of the artist.

There are not many sources that talk about this topic, the little information I could find points to an alleged altercation between Madonna and a harassing fan named Darlene Sorrentino who, accompanied by her ten-year-old brother, made the star lose her little patience by insistently asking for her autograph and taking pictures of her without her consent. Fed up with so much insistence, Madonna supposedly tries to take the camera from the child, falling to the ground, a moment that was used by a photographer who "coincidentally" passed by to record the event and give the images to the National Enquirer.

All this would end in a trial between Madonna and the child's family who would accuse her of having left him traumatized (according to them he suffered from nightmares at night and panic attacks every time Madonna's name was mentioned), a process that would apparently end in an unofficial agreement whose details to date are not yet known.

Well, it is impossible to deny that there was an incident between Madonna and these people (Madonna can be seen being held by the sister thus preventing her from getting close to her brother) but the details could have been exaggerated by the press to make Madonna look bad. So the question would be, What really happened? Is there credible data on this incident? In a world where we believe that celebrities have no right to privacy and can be bothered by stalking fans and paparazzi, we forget that they, like us, also have the right to lose control.


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And this is where the Lady Gaga comparisons come to a screeching halt 😁 But seriously...

The other day I saw a video on IG of the Blonde Ambition tour. She enters the stage for "Keep It Together" and is turned towards one side of the stage. Out of nowhere, a guy jumps on stage , and gets all the way up to her, puts his arm around her and nearly lands a kiss.

If he had any weapon or seriously ill intent, he had enough time to inflict serious damage. Her security finally ends up grabbing him. But I was kind of floored that I never saw or heard of that incident. Could have gone waaaay bad.

Also, the stalker who got on her property and then she was forced to testify in front of him. She's a rape survivor and presents so fucking strong that it's easy to forget she's been put in some really awful situations that would fuck the rest of us all the way up.

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At least this wasn’t widespread news like Britney Spears’ very unfortunate year. I think it’s because Madonna wasn’t one of those child prodigies that people obsess over. Usually people seem to be more interested in covering bad moments from former child prodigies for whatever reason. If someone like Britney (and I guess Justin Bieber) back in the day did that, the celebrity gossip media wouldn’t let those types of people hear the end of it.

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12 hours ago, PlayPause said:

Ahem, why are we bringing this up? I mean what's your agenda here?

Well actually I'm a fan of Lady Gaga and I love to bring to light the darkest episodes of Madonna's life in order to ruin the pure and inmaculate image that she worked so hard to achieve.

It isn't true. Actually what I'm looking for is to know the reality of the facts. Although the photos are quite eloquent, it would not be strange if everything has been plotted by the paparazzi and the "supposed fans" to cause her to lose control and achieve an aggression on her part (not necessarily physical) in order to take her to court and get money from her. , a practice that would not be unusual in this medium and that perfectly symbolizes the title of the post.

To me, as a fan, I am not only interested in knowing the pleasant side of her. The dark and unpleasant episodes (in case this incident was true) are also valuable because they allow us to fully understand the personality of the artist and to know will never be something bad.

Like this world, there are countries that enjoy peace and tranquility and where life is beautiful and pleasant, but there are other places where life is hell for its inhabitants, whether due to wars, terrorism, famine, slavery, etc. But many prefer to put on a blindfold and not see or know/remember this horrible and unpleasant reality and prefer to continue deluding themselves that everything is beautiful and pretty in this increasingly dehumanized world.


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