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Maluma + Madonna: Medallo en el Mapa Amazon Prime NEW EDIT / ESC Treatment + DOWNLOAD

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Thank you ! Im one of the few who didnt mind Medellin performance ! The music performance was off and the outfit she wore is quite possibly the worst thing she has ever wore on stage ! I think she was in pain during this performance “ its killing me “ you heard from her just before she come on stage ! Her moves were a bit clumsy too but i think thats due to not hitting the gym 24 hours a day and a touch of weight gain and i also think mentally she should not have been on stage because she just broke up with whatshisface so emotionally she was not right ! She fucked up ! Humans do :) she made it up to us with the pride performance ! I also think we as fans need to accept that she is going to get slower on stage with age because she is prob scared of falling and she is so nervous on stage live now prob after the brit awards fall ! She was visably shaking during the prince performance at the grammys which i loved by the way ! I think she has a heavy weight on her shoulders when she performs now because she knows her critics have the claws out ready for her and i think this has a effect on her live performances too ! She need to reinvent her performances but this thought would kill her because it would mean her limiting herself due to age ! 

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