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M15 - The New Album


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I'm so happy !!! she said she wants to revisit house music fir her new album and that she wanna make the whole world dance !! That's the kind of energy i like to see coming from her when she's making a new album ! I have the feeling Stuart Price will have a few songs on this new album...

Edit : Hmmm maybe i got excited a little bit too much cause she could be talking about FEL when they mentions new album. Anyway she said she would like to revisit house music, she said that for sure, but not sure what they mean by new album. 

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In fact, not only she was talking about FEL when she said the upcoming album thing... there's really not confimation that next album will be House... when she said House she was answering to a question that was in the line of "which genere she has done she would re-visit"... but nobody said that in the next album she will revisit a genere done by her before

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