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MEGARATE: Unreleased (2002-2020) [Results Show - Recap on first page]


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There are several songs that could have had a better score but due to poor production or repetitive structure they don't make it to the top and ironically it's the ones that don't have impressive production and rather are just simple acoustic songs that end up standing out and one of them taking the highly coveted eleven.

And as for Levitating, I am very disappointed that they have discarded the part where Madonna sings her smash hit Lucky Star and how well it merged with the rest of the song to prefer to give a space to this woman Missy Elliot (a very popular rapper in Usa for those who don't know her) to sing her lyrics so deep and intelligent. I feel that the version of Dua Lipa and Madonna was much better than the final version that they ended up releasing with Missy Elliot and I still don't understand that trend of having several singers in a single song where they all end up vying for the leading role when the ideal would be to have as maximum two singers in a song and in this song Levitating I feel that the one that is left over is Missy Elliot.

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4 hours ago, chaosmen1984mk said:

the final version that they ended up releasing with Missy Elliot

The Missy addition helped them reach an audience and have an impact in the media they wouldn't have had with M only.

2 years ago, M's image online was complicated and she was perceived as an out of touch artist for the new generation of young pop music listeners, who grew up on Miley Cyrus, Dua Lipa, etc.

Meanwhile, Missy has never lost her edge, even though she doesn't make a lot of new music.

Things have changed for M since : Frozen Sickick remixes started M's rebranding as an adventurous pop artist embracing her legacy, not only that old singer with too many kids and disgusting grillz. (Is quitting grillz the next step ? P-P-P-LEASE)

Should they re-release the remix today, Lucky Star would probably make its way on an extended cut or alternative version or TikTok collab.


IMHO, the Levitating remix sounds better with the rap because it brings back some of the groove that the Blessed Madonna production took away.

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