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MEGARATE: Finally Enough Love [Vote before 28/11]


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Voted! That was a hard one!

I ADORE her 80’s work, but found myself giving those tracks the lowest ratings (and the least amount of listens when I have the album on) cause most of them are just the regular track, or close to it. But as the traditional “remix concept” picks up over the years I can’t get enough of those later songs.

Excited to see the results, thanks Curtians!:Madonna013:

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2 hours ago, theglamorous said:

Fever for the win :)

I'm busy the evening of the 28th as I have guests but I'll try and check in. Be warned, I may be drunk. And probably half naked. And ranting about Causing A Commotion...

stripper GIF

The Results Show won't be on the 28th! Probably on the 29th! :)

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