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Madonna partners with YSL SAINT LAURENT for 'SEX BY MADONNA'


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I love the look !! 90's fashion is really back full force now. When you go shopping you see 95% of clothes with 90's design, very large etc (and 5 % of 2010/2020 clothes which now look outdated) and Madonna is absolutely right on the timing, not only with the re- release of the SEX boon but also with her style last night, hairdo and clothes which are very 90's and so absolutely trendy and she looks very good. Now i pray she releases some good 90's influenced tracks and that would be perfect !!!

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Madonna in 1998/2000 being asked CONSTANTLY "What will you say to your children about your SEX book ? Do you regret it ?"

Madonna : "Just wait."

I love seeing her dancing to tribal house, brings back memories of Bedtime with Madonna at Webster Hall in 95

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