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12 minutes ago, Robertthenurse said:

Remember when the stans were sick of her performing ROL and Music lol. I can live w/o ROL.

They can be sick now as well because those songs are 450% going to be there 🤭 btw no, I don't really love the rock ROL remix either, I want it closer to the original, a la DWT 

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Just now, stancherry said:

so rol and die another day most likely performed? i guess everybody and sorry are also in the list. Hopefully she will add Easy Ride and Paradise as the non single tracks and 1 never before performed pearl: to have and not to hold and maybe You'll See...


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What did I miss? I didn't get into this topic for a few days thinking there was no news about the tour but apparently everything has happened but not necessarily in regards to Madonna but due to fights between forum users. How strange that I'm not surprised.

But in the end, I don't care. What does fill my soul with joy is knowing that finally we Latin Americans will be blessed with the arrival of Madonna to our lands. I am not religious but it is in this type of situation that I remember that there is a God in this world and that is when I pray that my country be one of the lucky ones to be selected by Madonna to give her mega world tour. Seriously, I can't believe I'm seeing Madonna live for the first time in my life! What a thrill! Finally my clean and sincere fanaticism of so many years will be rewarded. I will scream her name until I lose my breath and I don't care if I end up in debt to buy one of the most expensive tickets, but everything is to see my idol live and direct for the first time in my life. Unforgettable experiences in life are definitely priceless.

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