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13 minutes ago, Justice said:

There are exceptions. LAV tour, DWT tour. 



I mean… Material Girl in and of itself is a highly political song especially considering the climate it was released in. And Like A Virgin too. 

I also remember thinking The West verses East section transition was pretty political especially followed by WIFLFAG manga section. 

 There’s moments in all her tours 

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2 hours ago, deathproof said:

No one’s talking about the Sibling Rivalry Tour cancellation and the possibility of Bob The Drag Queen going on tour with Madonna 👀

I hope this is not the case. Some people are saying low ticket sales which is believable but I hope he's doing All Winners Season 2. Would be great to see him compete in that context.

And just me personally, I don't want a "host", features, guests in an 80's heavy greatest hits tour unless its Niki/ Donna or legend like Nile Rodgers. Just classic Madonna.

I say all this as someone who wanted M to do Drag Race SO BAD during the first 6 seasons.

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15 minutes ago, steady75 said:

The bottom is starting to fall out of the Drag Race franchise. It’ll be the big multi queen shows that survive. 

Season 7 threw me off so hard that I never got back to where I was with it before that. I tuned in for bits of 8-10. LOVE many of the girls from those seasons but the show itself just felt stale for me. Since then, some of the winners, the international seasons, and these newer seasons...it's all one big blob and not very memorable. Happy lots of lgbt+ people are making that coin and all that jazz but it feels very....

lady gaga madonna GIF by RealityTVGIFs


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10 minutes ago, Prayer said:

It’s now official:


Greatest Hits tour this year.

I agree Billboard is reputable, but it's not official until her team issues a statement. Let's not forget Billboard has been known to regurgitate what's been passed around.  But I agree, there has to be some merit to it, if Billboard has mentioned it. 

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