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Celebration of her career, you say? Get ready to see Vogue, Holiday and La Isla Bonita performed live for the thousandth time. Do hope she coordinates with Warner Brothers a tie in release of her music videos. A lonnnng shot. Done watching her concerts, though. 

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1 hour ago, Robertthenurse said:

"I'm not changing my fucking show. I am an artist. And this is how I'm choosing to express myself.

I'm gagging. But in all seriousness. The O.

Being a tour that goes back time, it's a hint to the work of Dali, The persistence of memory:



Same for the silhouettes:



I think the idea is genius, it could have been made better...

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9 hours ago, Kieran said:

I was hoping for Birmingham as that is where I live. Spoilt with MDNA and RH tours. But I booked London today because I cannot see how a Birmingham date would fit into her schedule with the rumored other London dates and with her travel in and out of UK beforehand and afterwards 🙁im

Yeah looking at the other rumoured dates in London, Birmingham is looking unlikely so I'm gonna try for London today 🤞 No idea where I'll be, really wanted GA floor seats but thought I've seen some people say they're over £400 and other say they're just under £300 so I literally have no idea what I'll end up with. 

Just wanna go for the experience if I can't see her up close lol

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6 minutes ago, drivebitch said:

Will she be keeping the hair color and touring as Redonna?

She obviously hired Bob the Drag Queen to talk to the audience every night while she takes three hours to prepare. He better have a lot of material.  :Madonna048:

As long as they don't play the court jester throughout the whole show. Bob can take as long as they want before that. Leave my M alone lol

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20 minutes ago, Hydrangeas Up Your Ass said:

Anyone got a pre-sale ticket for Stockholm and/or Copenhagen? I would be forever grateful! :Madonna055:

Stockholm Amex presale. They must have added more seats, you can get literally any ticket including GA right now 

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2 hours ago, Robertthenurse said:

Ya. Like at first I thought it was a round piece of fabric from a costume. I don't understand the meaning of why the O looks like that and why all the photos are modified like that. I like your interpretation of it.  

The O is her vadge coz she's cumming hard for this tour.

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6 minutes ago, milotjuh said:

Amsterdam MOJO/Livenation pre-sale for the girlies in need (no code required) https://www.ticketmaster.nl/madonna-ziggo-dome-amsterdam-tickets/venueartist/2717/1401?CL_ORIGIN=ORIGIN5

thank you so much, do you know if there's currently another presale like this going on for Barcelona, Paris or London?

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