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Rebel Heart Hacker Sentenced to 14 Months In Prison

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Adi Lederman, an Israeli hacker accused of leaking Madonna’s unfinished Rebel Heart demos late last year, was sentenced to 14 months in prison by Tel Aviv Magistrate’s Court on Thursday (July 9), according to the Jerusalem Post. Lederman, who auditioned for Israel singing competition Kochav Nolad (A Star Is Born) in 2012, was first arrested for the leak in January, and indicted on four counts in February. A spokesperson for Madonna was unavailable for comment.

According to documents previously obtained by The Hollywood Reporter, Lederman was charged on Feb. 23 on counts of computer trespassing, prohibited secret monitoring and additional computer trespassing, copyright infringement and obstructing investigation, relating to the private cloud accounts of Madonna’s team members Sara Zambrano, Angie Teo and Kevin Antunes. Per the court documents, Adelman shared “various files and music files copyrighted by Madonna Esther Louise Ciccone," obtained via an office email account labeled "osearyoffice,†and reportedly hacked into 15 other unspecified email accounts.

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I'm fine with him being sentenced, what he did is ILLEGAL. It's not about the leak of the album, but about breach of privacy.


I honestly don't really blame him for the leaks, as Jackie said, stupid fans are to blame. 


But how tempting was it to trade around when we know 10 months in advance who she was working with, portion of lyrics and song titles? What did she expect? That's why you have to keep things quiet until they're READY! 


And don't get me started on Guy Oseary's way of dealing with supposed hackers and his disgusting Twitter investigations. They should be ashamed. 

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