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M has archived her whole insta - Big annoucement imminent !


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M has archived her whole insta (exept the reels). This means a big annoucement is imminent !! For those who are not familiar with it, singers do it when a brand new era is about ti begin. She can and will probably re-actuivate all her posts later. 

So guys what do you think ? Just the tour announcement or something bigger ? Like new music + tour announcement ? Maybe also the beginning of the infamous big 40 years revisiting catalog plan ??

I want : new look + new music + tour announcement + back catalog revisit plan ! 

Girl has never archived her whole insta before, even for the release of the Madame album or the announcement of the Mx tour so it'd better be for something huge !

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I really hope this will lead to something we will enjoy. I know that since she had some injuries, she won't be able to perform like she did for the Confessions - MDNA Tour but I really hope she will be able to make a new world wide tour - please something unique and spectacular, with adapted choreos and beautiful costumes to do a tribute to her amazing career.

And if we can have some new music, that would be heaven!

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1 hour ago, Andreo said:

I really hope it's tour announcement + EP she's been working on for a while + maybe even new social media manager so she can handle her profile like a pro and not a shitposter, i don't wanna delude myself tho 🛐 


Getting rid of Ricardo would be a great IMPROVEMENT!!!

The 40 years tour celebration / Finally enough HITS... is definately going to happen...

I can't help but being a little affaid of the VERSIONS we are going to hear...EXCITED ANYWAY!!!

A new EP?....it better be good!

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8 minutes ago, danbekim said:

how big of a tour are we talking? I hope she comes to a city near me. Maybe Vienna?

Billboard said "her biggest tour yet" but we don't know yet if that means anything at all or is just hype.

Rumored in Europe so far are: London (UK), Milan (Italy) and Barcelona (Spain). At least Germany and France should be included, too.

We should know all the details tomorrow!

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