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New Vanity Fair Portfolio by Luigi & Iango


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4 hours ago, sara94 said:

I don't think she did herself much favor with this photoshooting. People are calling these pics d*monic and blasphemous 

And why should we pay attention to what people think ? Social media losers can fuck themself and their mothers, the only demonic thing ever is social media, it gives a sense of power to utter shits living in their mother's basements in Idaho. Fuck them and their mothers, again. Y'all give too much credit to these morons, y'all end up suicidal and on Prozac because they insert the poison of judgement in you and try to control everything you think because they are narcissistic perverts.

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17 hours ago, animalinstinct said:

HOW ON EARTH did Klein Get away with THIS EDIT?!
The blur. The one eye. Surely he was taking the piss?

They both were taking the piss, she's in that phase now.

Like Picasso during his later years, she's even compared herself to him before. 

Once you prove yourself to others and yourself, reach a certain level of success, tick everything off your list - that's what you do, you have fun, poke and wait for a reaction. But she's always done that so nothing new there.

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On 1/19/2023 at 3:26 PM, Askeroff said:




Kylie wore this back in 2008 for X Tour visuals + tour book… apparently the stylist is a Kylie fan… even almost the same hairstyle. 👀 tbh on Kylie looks way more beautiful. They actually adjusted the top to fit her boobs! 😬😁

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