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GLOSS | Madonna by Andrew Caulfield book (Borderline photosession) is coming!!!


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I think these books are quite overpriced for a one-shoot collection. Nice to have and everything, but if they see us all forking out €150-€200 for a shoot by a relatively unknown photographer that was probably done in an hour, imagine what they're going to charge us when they eventually get around to doing a Madonna/Herb Ritts book for example.

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Imagine being told in 1984 that the Gloss magazine would finally come to life in 2023!

It feels surreal that the mystery is finally lifted after almost 40 years, and that the shoot is no longer exclusive to the Borderline video.

I wonder why none of these photos were ever used anywhere before. It's crazy. They are instantly iconic.

Was there a disagreement between the photographer, Madonna or the record company?

The shoot totally captures the essence of who she was at that time, and I would go as far as to say that it does so in a better way than many photos that were used in magazines.


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As far as I'm concerned these are by now the only books that deserve to be bought (same thing  the Corman's and Maripol Book ).They contain unique material and above all this after years and years contains the shots we all wanted in the 80's, the famous Borderline shooting!The Book is actually expensive (as were the previous ones) but in the end it contains material that made HISTORY.

And since I've seen too much rubbish in recent years.. I'm happy that books come out with material worthy of being considered as such.


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