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GLOSS | Madonna by Andrew Caulfield book (Borderline photosession) is coming!!!


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8 hours ago, forbiddenlove1 said:

Book is on its way i needed to pay 55 eu extra tax + import cost wtf

Did u receive an email? 

Anyone in the US receive their copy? I got the second batch book (Limited 700) and have yet to receive an email or the book. 😫

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If you haven't received your book yet I suggest e-mailing the publisher at:



and ask for the tracking information by mentioning your order #.  It is a registered mail piece, so it's supposed to be signed for.  

I received both of my books within a week time frame. One was left at my residence without having to sign for it which my mail carrier should not of done. The other I had to pick up at my local post office because I wasn't home to sign for it.

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Good advice buddy! I did just that & got a real quick reply from Nick with my tracking info & it was scheduled to be delivered the next day which was yesterday! I also had to sign for mine but luckily was home & awake when it came! I LOVE it so much aside from the obvious (it doesn't include every photo from all of the contact sheets & some of the photos are very small). They should have all been included I think for the price we paid & they also should have all been at least the size of the page they were on. It was the same with Adore tho there were still a few photos that weren't printed in either book & of course as a completist that frustrates me. But I am still very happy to have these photos & that we got them I honestly didn't think I would live to see the day LOL :)  Def one of my all time dreams come true I literally thought about them EVERY time I watched the Borderline video & wondered what ever happened to them. I never knew there were so many that were taken that day! Not a single bad photo yet again! 

One last thing, I complimented Nick on his M books and told him that we needed (& wanted) more LOL & he replied that there is another book in the works from the same year of Madonna but didn't give any details so that was exciting to hear!!! I don't think he meant a volume 2 of this same series but who knows? Something to look forward to tho for sure!!! I noticed one of their latest books cost 8,000 EUROS which is absolutely ridiculous!!! You could buy 2 of the YSL Sex books for that & still have some change left over LOL! I just hope next time he gets better at not resizing the photos down to such a small size I don't understand the point in that either?!? Anyway, again I am very happy with this book. Early Madonna is the absolute best!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxo

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11 hours ago, truerebel said:

JUST received my copy...I kinda don't want to open it cuz the sticker with the limited edition number is on the plastic wrap!!! 

I had the same struggle too but decided to open it! After all it's just one sticker & the card inside tells you it's limited & what number it is in the series too which is just as good to me. For that much money & after waiting so long I wasn't about to not enjoy flipping thru all those gorgeous pictures of early Madonna!!! Don't regret it one bit! 

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5 hours ago, RUADJAI said:

I got mine. It’s cute… I kinda was expecting more… idk why I didn’t realize it’s literally just a few photo shoots and not any from the actual video. The picture of the Keith Herring skirt at the beginning got me HYPE! and then it didn’t happen. But it’s cute. 

I should get mine this week - I think as Andrew only did the shoot for the prop in the video, there was an alternate photographer for the actual music video and they didn't have the rights to those photo - although Mary does have that cool on set group photo 

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the photographer in the video of Borderline is that Andrew Caulfield ???

i mean there was a photgrapher who made these pics of Madonna but they are not in the book at all

can anyone explain ?


Schermopname (284).png

Schermopname (285).png

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