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Madonna & Lateness.

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29 minutes ago, androiduser said:

I think it will be a max 30-minute difference between the official show start at 20.30 and the actual start of M's show.

I saw Madonna twice in Italy and both times the show started 15 minutes after the official time printed on the ticket (but the official start was after 21).

The opening act is usually performing before the officially announced start of the show, often as people are still getting to the venue

I'm all for a pre-10PM start for sure, but each time I saw her, the opening act started just on time as printed on the ticket. I guess it's best to prepare for the worst and pray for the best... all I know is that I'm bringing an eBook reader this time around just in case 🤡

I haven't really shown any interest in drag thus far, but I know that Bob the Drag Queen maintains an international reputation, so I'm open to it and I guess a lot of time will be killed with some actual entertainment as opposed to a DJ doing what they do at 60 dB with the lights on. I also believe that bringing along an opening act that does provide actual audio-visual distraction will do wonders to keep the audience entertained regardless of when she comes on. I know very little about drag, but I do think that it's a smart move to have an opening act that brings actual bemusement and might perhaps literally warm up the crowd. 

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