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Do you think that Madonna will perform any covers?

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I had a thought while we wait for the tour to start: Will she perform any covers?

Well if you think about it...

She has performed covers on her last two tours (being the Madame X Tour and Rebel Heart Tour) and they were ether acapella snippets such as Jule Styne's "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend" before Material Girl or full length covers such as Cesária Évora's "Sôdade"  after La Isla Bonita, So there might be a slight chance she'll perform a couple in some capacity. 

Maybe she'll perform Peggy Lee's original version of Fever or get an Upbeat version of Don't Cry for Me Argentina? 

What are your guys thoughts?

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My dream is FEVER in the setlist.

As it is promoted as a GH tour, I don't think there is enough space for covers, but with M we never know...

She has made many surprising choices in the past, like I'm going bananas on GS or Paradise during CT..  so who knows, maybe there will be a cover medley...

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She's never done the DCFMA remix live. And vocally it's probably easier than doing the original or You Must Love Me. Pretty much the only way to reference the Evita period and do it in a fun, uplifting, new yet nostalgic way. I said in another thread I would love if they used Shep's Remedy Dub of "Fever" for a video interlude.

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Just now, Piksel8 said:

Who requested for this song? :lol:. I had no idea it made it through the request portions of MDNA and Rebel Heart tour. The chorus does have some vocal challenges and she belts the F out of it in MDNA.

It's always been about her. She sang Holiday and Spanish Lesson in some Southamerican stops during MDNA. And I can't imagine a fan requesting Spanish Lesson over Who's That Girl and Ghosttown at RHT.

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She definitely will. It's already like four consecutive tours that she has done and I don't think this 2023 tour is the exception. Personally I am between two options: Time Out from the World by the Goldfrapp duo or Toxic by Britney Spears. I think that either of them would be welcomed by the public since they are very catchy songs although I would prefer that Madonna sing Toxic because that could cause Britney to appear as a special guest in one of Madonna's shows and it would be beautiful to see them sing together again as well happened on the Sticky and Sweet tour.

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