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19 minutes ago, Ayham said:

Another masterpiece destroyed my herself… lol… what’s the point???  

You don't have to listen to this* if you don't like it.

And you can still listen to Original Sorry anyway.

So what's YOUR point?

*oh, and this version hasn't been released yet, how can you be so sure?

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I still don't think it's about a future  official release of DESTROYED old classics.


If she should do that, anyway, and do it with stuff like this, it would really fit the trend oh her recent inspiration:

why would I just leave all that good stuff at my back? Still got an ENTIRE CATALOGUE to destroy before I'm finished  :smokey:

come join the party bitches !! :Madonna055:

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15 minutes ago, Angelo said:

guys you're incredible :ahh:......it's just a remix, nothing else. The power of goodbye remixes didn't destory the original one, just remixes. Why the meltdown??

Because you can't have Madonna "fandom" (particularly in the last decade) without daily drama and hissy fits... :Madonna044:

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1 hour ago, PlayPause said:

In case you haven't noticed, she usually performs the songs from the new album she's promoting on tour in their original version or single remix version, and the old songs (especially those she already did live) are revamped if not totally reworked.

There isn't going to be a new album before TCT so expect a majority of reinvented arrangements, including these new versions and FEL remixes.

Feels like I'm stating the obvious but a certain proportion of members gives me the feeling they have never gotten this.

Yeah, I'm not really jazzed about listening to these remixes, but I think they'll sound just fine when performed live by her. 

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35 minutes ago, fuck ducker said:

I'll buy some really expensive champagne to savor while I read the meltdowns when Warning Signs turns out to be a dumpster fire.

Honestly I bet it’s not bad. If we didn’t know any of her unreleased songs then it might be a dumpster fire, but look at some of the leftovers from Confessions, Erotica, Rebel Heart, and Hard Candy. Some of them are better than half the albums. She def has some 11/10 stored away 

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This is kinda what I wanted her to do so badly in the late 90's/ early 00's. Release official versions of the monster bootlegs happening with her older classics. The Stuntmasterz' "Music Sounds Better On Holiday", "Like A Prayer"/"House of God" for example. 

I don't mind this mix or the vocal tweak. It kinda just sounds like that cool robotic vocal stem. Not bad. 

Side note, I can't listen to the album version of Sorry without feeling like it's missing those extra bits from the demo. Love them.

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