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As much as I hate everything released during the TikTok era (Hung Up on Tokischa is a bop, but hopefully won't be performed), this remix sounds cool, quality production apart from the vocal distortion, but I can imagine her performing it, it would just require her singing in a lower key, which is not necessarily a problem. After all, didn't the majority of us like when she collaborated with lesser known DJs and producers? I say, bring it on, I wanna hear it in full. Sorry is one of my faves and glad to see it getting some recognition. Plus I checkhed some sets of Blondish and she plays great electronic music.

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14 minutes ago, TonyMontana said:

I absolutely don't get the hate this snippet gets. The effect on the vocal is really cool, sounds like a Daft Punk effect. 

Because some people here love to hate any of the current releases. If it’s past 1991 it’s automatically bad

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On 1/27/2023 at 9:26 PM, MadameX said:

Frankly speaking, if this was Madonna before she had a fake butt then I would laugh at the worried fans.  I would tell them. "Oh common! this is Madonna The queen of pop and queen of tour! Trust her! And just have fun! it's just pure little fun remix before tour! she will not use these shitty quality remixes on her new tour!!" But after Madonna ruined her beautiful body with that horrible fake butt, sadly it's true that I honestly have doubts about Madonna's judgment. 

The scariest thing at this point would be that none of us can guarantee she won't perform "sick sick very boring sick frozen remix version" and "material yawn gurlllll remix version" and "hung up taik~~ i don't even remember her name horrible remix" version on the upcoming new tour.

If you have trouble with an artist's music because of their body, than you should probably just stop listening, don't you think? 

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23 minutes ago, DanM said:

Longer preview:


But I wonder what is her contribution to this, apart from letting them use the acapella. Would be nice if she recorded some new vocals, but seems like it's just using the chorus.

We will see when the full version is released... music sounds nice... a shame that they lowered her vocals so much... but time will tell how the full song works.

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