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Rehearsals (spoilers alert)

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18 minutes ago, dankpepe said:

I hope it's not Hold Tight. That's not deserving to be in a greatest hits tour when it was never released as a single!!


Anyways...someone on another Madonna forum posted this:

I saw this on TikTok from an account that has 2.5M followers: https://www.tiktok.com/@songkick their bio says to click their Spotify link for the official Celebration Tour setlist

Then on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/77scY ... 84e39&nd=1 it says these are the tracks for the tour

Material Girl
Hung Up
La Isla Bonita
Like a Prayer
4 Minutes
Like a Virgin
Papa Don't Preach
Bitch I'm Madonna
Give It 2 Me
Back That Up to the Beat
Express Yourself
Into the Groove
Girl Gone Wild
Frozen sickick mix
Give Me All Your Luvin'
Living for Love
Die Another Day
Get Together
Lucky Star
Justify My Love
Ray of Light
Open Your Heart
The Power of Goodbye

Take that with a grain of salt obviously

Damn. If she’s gonna do Hold Tight and not Causing A Commotion then I’m making a banner for the Toronto shows saying “THE POLICE ARE HERE”

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2 hours ago, eXtremeOccident said:

I actually just LOLed. :rip:

Of course she'd pick a song like that as one of the first to rehearse. I just cannot with 2010s-onwards Madonna sometimes.

Has it ever been officially billed as a Greatest Hits tour or will she pull the "4 decades" thing as a reason to include non-hits?

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7 hours ago, EgoRod said:

it's not hold tight

each part has a title i guess the part name (bridge, chorus etc) and you can see both parts repeating ( as a chorus)


Also the third part seems to be the same as the 2nd part on the 2nd page, every line seems to begin with one word and the third line is a bit shorter than the rest. I can't believe I just went trought like 30 lyrics to singles that could be a match lol, but turned up with no results

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There is also zero chance the set list is sorted by now. She’ll have a list of about 40 songs she’ll want to whittle down. 
they’ll be trying stuff out with the band at this stage. Working through ideas and arrangements that her musical director has submitted. 


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I want her to perform recent songs like Medellin and most of the Rebel Heart tracks cause they are heart warming and closer to who she is now. And songs like Guilty by Association where we could get lost in the melody and depth of feeling. Nothing spectacular. Just soothing sounds from M’s heart. And would be great if a new album with a similar feel is to be promoted by this tour. Still A Celebration.

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29 minutes ago, wtg1987 said:

I don’t think she is doing any track from Mdna onwards - none of those are greatest hits - heck I don’t even count 4 minutes as a greatest hit but it was her last global top 5 hit so it’s probably in but will no doubt be remixed or mashed up with another song 

I’d absolutely love to hear 4 Minutes live, it was huge. 

Hold Tight I love but a greatest hits it is not. 

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