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Rehearsals (spoilers alert)


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14 hours ago, TonyMontana said:

Maybe a coincidence but within a 24hours timespan we got this :


And both from the same era. She could be tryin ideas for a photoshoot, a backdrop video or something, processing era by era.

YES! That is exactly what I thought. I think there will definitely be a section centered around either the iconic look from LAV or MG. A religious segment is also pretty much given.

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7 hours ago, Roland Barthes said:

Looks like Demna Gvasalia is making some costumes like i feared....the tule skirt and corset look like something from the VF photoshoot. I hope Elizabeth Emanuel is not making costumes again like on Madame X.

I just Googled him, his clothes are awful. Definitely not iconic Madonna

Also it looks like he was involved in that Balenciaga scandal with the child abuse imagery

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1 hour ago, Brendanlovesu1 said:


this is part of it, I don't speak French though

The interviewer asks him who is the first person he sent a text message to this morning and he answered : Madonna ! Because of the time difference it was very early in the morning but i texted her cause i'm going to dress her for her upcoming tour celebrating four decades "Four decades and always here !".

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On 3/3/2023 at 2:39 PM, TonyMontana said:

The Queens mashup of Vogue/Break my soul would be epic on the Celebration tour. Amazing idea. Of course it would be a new mix with more Vogue.

I’m really, really hoping for a Can’t Stop/Don’t Stop medley, or a Forbidden Love/Forbidden Love mashup. But I’m not holding my breath.


Hell, I’d even settle for a Material Girl/Who’s That Girl/Bad Girl/Mer Girl/What It Feels Like For a Girl/Girl Gone Wild medley.


 But I bet we just get a Burning Up/Dress You Up/Hung Up medley instead. Sigh.

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12 hours ago, clkelley39 said:

I saw a headline on social media that said she’s planning on wearing the Blond Ambition gold cone bra. But who knows.

Hope it's a reinvention and not the same one. Just like the amazing corset she used on the MDNA Tour.

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