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American Life: Mixshow Mix RSD 23


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Just now, deathproof said:

I don’t think I noticed anyone else talk about this, but “Mixshow” would imply that these mix into each other…, no?

I googled it - ;In music, a shorter edit of a mix which usually has the intro and outro of the radio edit' so I assume seperate tracks as not referenced as a continuous mix like COADF 

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20 minutes ago, Nahual said:

Was hoping for a reissue instead with unreleased songs, not another remix album. This feels reductive. :Madonna003: I'll stick with the original copy of the album, thanks. :kissy:

"I'll stick with the original copy of the album" ??? 

Not sure if you noticed, but this release is not supposed to replace an original American Life album by any means, it is a nice add-on. 

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1 hour ago, Markdonna said:

I really like the concept of this release.  Mini remix edit albums of all her records on vinyl is a very interesting concept. The following compilations would be especially excellent.






Iv'e always wanted a singles EP for every album. A totes cute item. I've suggested this before. 

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