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GAME: Ranking the Tours [Results Show - Recap on first page]

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I don't know whether to vote based on the DVDs released from the tours or the YouTube videos. What I mean is that if I voted based on the dvds, the Confessions Tour would have a very low score because the show looked very static and cold (and I'm not referring to the public's reaction) and many presentations were badly edited, for example Music, Lucky Star or Let it will be and if it weren't for Youtube I would not have discovered how wonderful these performances were.

Another example would be the Madame X Tour in which many songs were cut: Something I will never forgive the editor of this tour for is criminally cutting the final part of Come Alive or not including Crave in the edit. That's why I haven't voted so far because I don't know what to base it on to be able to give a fair score for each of the tours.:sad:

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