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Could Madonna one day achieve EGOT status?

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On 4/4/2023 at 1:46 PM, Roland Barthes said:

This is exactly how awards work. A LOT is put up behind the scenes to win, expecially an Oscar, a lot of campainin, a lot of money to campain, a lot of meetings etc... I happen to know how a certain french actor ended up winning for best actor when he was a total unknown in the US, did not speak english and the gimmicky movie he won for totally evaporated from cinema history. Weinstein was very good at that but he's not the only one. You have to befriend the right people, some actor and producer circles etc...a colleague who works in Hollywood and has covered the Oscars for 20 years once told me Meryl Streep has an Oscar team she works a year in advance. 

As for Madonna achieving egot, she's not an ass kisser and she does not play the game so it's most unlikely. You really, really have to be an inustry puppet to win. Madonna won when she "behaved". 

that's how they work TODAY. Not back then.

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On 4/4/2023 at 3:42 PM, androiduser said:

let's not forget Weinstein was Madonna's biggest supporter when she made W.E. Madonna just didn't have material good enough for the campaign to work.


do you mean that Masterpiece wasn't good enough? Masterpiece couldn't be nominated to the Oscars because it didn't follow the nomination requisites, a HUGE BLUNDER, that falls square on HER camp.

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