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MDNA Vinyl Repress coming this July

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2 hours ago, LongIslandTea said:

It's funny that when MDNA LP was widely available and the price's stable, no one would feel the need to buy the LP. :lol:

WB should limit each and every product to 5000 copies and that would ensure everything sold out for sure.

It’s because vinyl collecting wasn’t trendy back in 2012 the way it is today.

It’s certainly not because of the sound quality.

I guess cassette tapes will hit hard next year.

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33 minutes ago, wtg1987 said:

i thought you guys all hated MDNA - or is it because its vinyl you HAVE to buy it :thinker: - oh the hypocrisy - you will be buying otto von wernherr next if its rainbow dog shit colour vinyl ...

For me it's one of her best albums (but I won't buy this reissue because I have the original vinyl).

Waiting for the cassette version... 


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3 minutes ago, Aiwa08 said:

Some bootlegs are very nice. But in this streaming era without CD-Maxis or 7'' vinyls, I always buy bootlegs when the songs are not available physically. For example: 


I just can’t justify paying bootleggers $$ for stuff like that, but I get that there are collectors who do.


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