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Post Your Pictures Thread! (Show Yourself)

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Lovely people here!

I'm gonna introduce myself on this topic since there's not another one... I'm Dito (Leonardo, but Erotica is my fav album hence the nickname :lol:) and I was born and raised in the same city as our Queen now lives - Lisbon! I've been a fan since 2004 when Re-Invention came here and I registered in 2015 but since the whole Rebel Heart era didn't excite me much, I never posted here and just pretty much lurked (although I've been in several other Madonna forums in the past). But now with the whole Lisbon and Madame X thing it's a whole different story!

Here's some pics (hope I posted them right and they aren't too big  :eyes: and yes, it's a tattoo on my head - I'm currently growing my hair out though and no, it was not inspired by François Sagat lol):





And here's one inspired by Erotica :lol:


Are there any other fellow portuguese or spanish fans here? Feel free to send me a message to talk about anything while I'm on a Madonna high haha xx

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Hello everyone...Wow lots of handsome and good looking people here.  Ok well this is a photo of me  lol , im to old to be called a twink and dont really fit the daddy look, So  i made up my own word. im what i call a D,Ink. a cross between Daddy and  pass dated Twink look. Hahaha sorry i think im funny


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