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Dangerous Game Appreciation - Will we ever get the Director (or Madge's) Cut

Garry Howieson

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3 hours ago, scallywally said:

DT is way more boring :laughing:. It was i I get that and wasnt awful and a hit. Dangerous game was for an art house adult crowd a mess a flop and pretty much awful but way more interesting than DT. M isnt being M (although shes supposed to be like M). She Acted her ass off. 

Guy tried to repeat that shit with swept away (mixing both). Neither were hits but at least we see M act in Dangerous Game. Swept away was maybe a bit of a better movie (OK both arent great) but Guy just made her look like shit and didnt know how to direct her. She did try in it but not like Dangerous Game. Feel sorry for that little movie.

 The diector said they started in the middle and knew it was a disaster and was told from Madges people saying it was gonna be cancelled but they didnt stop because she had the number 1 book and album. I dont think the director or crew could be bothered with it, get their cq and forget about it. M certainly didnt promote it. She was putting people off. Total car crash. Which is a shame. 

The so called grudge between Harvey and M is bullshit though. People should know Abel... he's out of it and blames his flops on everyone else. Ive followed him for a long time. Youtube him on Conan O'Brian. 

PS D.T is only interesting when Breathless is on. Anyone notice? I know were fans but without M that wouldntve done well. 


Dick Tracy is really only interesting when M in on, and Betty kept cutting her (especially during the orchestral version of Sooner Or Later). LET THE DAMN WOMAN PERFORM! 
The set design is amazing, the soundtrack too, the make up, costumes Everything is spot on in that film, but it’s such a bore. 
Well even Tarantino said that Madonna was the only thing working in that film 😂

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I agree, Dick Tracy is a boring movie apart from Madonna’s scenes.

I have never gotten through Dangerous Game. Also a boring movie.

The Madonna movies worth seeing are:

Desperately Seeking Susan, Whos That Girl, Body of Evidence and Evita.

A League of Their Own is great too but she’s barely in it.

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Boring as hell movie but amazing performance from her, probably one of her best.

I think the issue for her is she felt "used" and "manipulated" and not in a good way or the regular director-actor relationship. That plus it being produced by her own company must had felt pretty bad and confusing.

If I remember well some of the scenes were real footage of them talking and rehearsing, cause Ferrara wanted to capture that whole "movie within a movie" feeling.

In others she was probably convinced to use whatever she had experienced in her real life to add to the character. Sometimes it felt too real cause probably it was?

Plus all the violent scenes.

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