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Celebration Tour Merch now up on madonna.com stores!


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Bomber jacket is too expensive, but the BA and the VT t-shirts I will buy when I see the show in Stockholm. :)

The distorted ones are cool, but that price... Nah.

And I can't wait to see the tour program! It'll be amazing! :)

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Brag alert:

Meh. I already have 100 Madonna pins better than those I collected over the years, still have the original BAT Express Yourself shirt (and the one with the KIT single cover in black AND LAP cemetary pic in white,.. they look vintage as hell i adore them). The only thing I like in this new merchandise is the LAV shirt but not for 45 bucks.

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5 minutes ago, GregVsMatt said:

I was going to order it now (and use the icon 10%) but it won't get to me before I leave for London - plus I want the old school experience of buying in person lol my plan is to buy across the 4 nights 

Buying it at the show is always the best... except you have to carry and watch a bag all night. Still, the items have more of a memory attached to them (They were bought in the same building Madonna was in lol)

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