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What if Madonna did a Tiny Desk Concert?

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Yess! The set list:

1. Jiuman Neicha

2. Laki Pre

3. Jon Op

4. Jolidey (RH Tour versión)

And maybe "imagine", "rebel rebel" or another Elton Jon song or prince song she loves to single another people music 

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7 hours ago, Drownedboy said:

You´ve got to be perfect vocally on things like that. If she would take care of the voice and no grillz, maybe, but I feel like Rebel Heart was the last time she really cared about vocals, on terms of training and all of that.

The thing is, hearing her sing just that little bit of Let Your Light Shine at the Rio concert out of no where was such a reminder of what a hypnotic voice she has. She wasn’t trying and she just sang in whatever key landed easily. But you’re right, if she couldn’t vocally shine in a theatre setting, then this would just highlight even more. But she could still pull off a few well rehearsed songs in a key still conducive and her being relaxed. 

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Listening to @club78boyfiles for the rehearsals of AMERICAN LIFE PROMO TOUR IN PARIS reminds me that she's done something like this several times during the American Life era.  Though, the Tiny Desk isn't just about doing acoustic sets.  I would love for her to put together a band and do some live performances like she did in the American Life era.  She definitely could pull this off.  :luv:

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@Donna I know you won't read me but anyways...

...La Cantine du Faubourg was not supposed to be eternally broadcast like any Tiny Desk and MTV Unplugged concert are... (as I TRULY believe to what was NRJ's purpose when broadcast it...)

...I guess not even MTV's Live and off the Record was supposed to keep being broadcast after American Life era...

...in the way 90's and 00's MTV Unplugged concerts were reprised for decades and still are on some MTV channels.

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