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Madame ❌ 5th anniversary!


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1 minute ago, Alpha said:

Gotta give it kudos to this era. It actually made the Esther years seem more exciting. I don't think ive ever heard the same damn words "soccer" "Portugal" used so many times in my life. It really felt like a badly written fanfic of Schitts Creek where Moira Rose becomes a popstar.

Not on the first page ma’am keep

your thoughts to yourself :dead:

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It's a great album, but I wouldn't consider it HER best.  She's had far better classic albums before this.  I still remember when Medellin was first released: I was like "WTF is this?"  It definitely took some time to warm up to that song.  Vocally it's not her best.  But I do love the video and the follow up videos from this album. She killed it with the videos.  The album is pretty good, but I do think Crazy, Crave and Come Alive are the sweet spot of the album.  I also love Bitch, I'm Loca.  God Control came off really awkward, but I do like it a lot. 

Now that black wig in Medellin is pretty atrocious.  But I did like the shorter wig she wore in the promo images.  Also, I like the one she wore in the The World of Madame X.  But for some reason, many of her wigs especially these last few years are looking awkward on her. 

Great album, but she's produced far better albums before this. :luv:

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